Alcorta - Ruscalleda

When designing the Special Edition Alcorta & Carme Ruscalleda, the objectives were to raise the perceived quality of the wine with a premium design, to present Alcorta as an innovative and progressive brand in the development of new products, and provide the brand with greater credibility. Another objective was to facilitate the fusion between oenology and gastronomy understood as "art" and reflected through texture, color, the search for the essence of raw materials, innovation, vanguard, quality, sensitivity, harmony, balance and delicacy. We have designed a conceptual image that reflects the creative, professional and innovative character of its creators and Alcorta Winery itself. The label represents the concept of "GastroVino", joining the lines of a decorated plate. On one side, with colors and textures of the three gourmet products created by Carmen Ruscalleda purple of Spicy Arrope, orange of Sweet and Sour Fruit and red Piquillo’s Jam, with red wine stains, in a perfect symbiosis. All this adorned with the red leaves that are the symbols of the vineyards.